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Over 65% of the CO2 generated over the last 50 years has been generated by 10% of the world’s population. The creation of CO2 gases in our atmosphere has fueled the industrial revolution for the western world. Now, as the rest of the globe looks to catch up the ramifications of duplicating that CO2 footprint to fuel their success would destroy the planet for all of us. The dilemma is how do we deny 90% of the world the same benefit enjoyed by the prosperous 10%.

The problem is exacerbated by geopolitical interests that prevent the common solution to this global problem. Currencies vary widely in their stability, corruption runs rampant in developing countries and energy is needed to fuel development. The options for generating power at a scale sufficient to fuel economic growth are limited and take a long time to plan and build. Even when the energy-generating resources are built the capital to continue to fuel them is difficult for developing countries to keep up with. As technology advances allow for the larger-scale deployment of renewable assets with fuel sources that are free such as solar, wind, and geothermal, we can address these issues.

How the CO2Bit Coin works ?

In order to promote the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere, we need to continue to incentivize the appropriate climate behavior in all areas of the world. Every molecule of CO2 that is generated into our atmosphere matters and we need to make sure that we continue to provide the proper incentives to actors around the world. These inducements must be able to rise above local, national, and even international politics in order to continue effectiveness. To do this we are looking to leverage the innate abilities and powers contained in blockchain technology.

By creating a global currency, who’s focus is on the reduction of these harmful gasses in our atmosphere and its impact on all inhabitants, we will be able to attack the problem on multiple levels and ultimately provide the financial support that we need globally to make a difference.

1.Underlying asset

In order to create this, we either need to start off with something in here or we need to quickly build it as we mint and circulate currency. If economic theories hold here then by creating demand we can increase supply without diluting the value of the existing issue.

2.Supply & demand

This is all about making the market for the value of the underlying assets. Creating demand will allow us to increase supply without diluting the value of the existing issue.

3.Ability to use it for transactions

CO2Bit coin is facilitating the creation of usable gateways to exchange coins for goods and services. As the CO2Bit Coin gains wider usage within the industry, the more use-value and liquidity will be created.

Concepts that make the CO2 Energy Ltd. Model work for the planet:

The three critical operational concepts include:

  • 1. Infusion of Coins into existing infrastructure project development companies with long tails (think sustainable)
  • 2. Following on the success of the “Cloud Computing” model deliver Energy Services as a subscription or pre-paid monthly functionality. (see next slide)
  • 3. CO2 Energy Ltd. partnerships to broaden awareness

Secure and Sustainable via the CO2 Blockchain

Quantifying and Rewarding Environmentally Sustainable Behavior– saving the planet activities – motivating more positive behavior.

Quantifying and Rewarding

People Value –Participation in Global Economy – advancing their standard of living – with acceleration.

People Value

Inherently sustainable over a very, very long time

Continued expansion of sustainable projects

Old economy mechanisms will eventually come around to support this energy revolution – We can’t afford to wait


  • Solar power
  • Electric vehicles
  • Wind
  • Hydro Power
  • Batteries

The problem is, that to create fertile environments for these technologies to grow on equal footing and overtake the incumbent fossil fuel ecosystem, we need to create means to lower the cost of capital for investment .

"What Access to Energy Provides"

"Energy is the underlying prerequisite for an opportunity to participate in, versus be a burden on, the global economy and be able to influence the destiny of your life, your family’s, your community’s and the planet." - Ron Wilkins

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