Co2Bitcoin (Co2B) – Innovators Announce the Launch of New Crypto Coin to Combat Global Warming

A decentralized group of innovators and visionaries, focused on mitigating the causes and potentially cataclysmic effects of climate change, has introduced a new cryptocurrency known as Co2Bitcoin.

Source: Co2Bit

New York City,, Jan. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – The new currency which will be available to the public from January 28th, 2021 is focused on helping countries finance local projects to combat global warming’s negative effects on our environment and inhabitants.

The availability of the currency to the public will go a long way in increasing the efforts of combating climate change. Co2Bitcoins have already been used to acquire and protect over 100 million trees in the Brazilian Rainforest, saving them from fires by clearing and maintaining the underbrush and using controlled burns to ensure that they are preserved. Co2Bit which developed the currency has already signed partnerships with the Governments of Madagascar, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Comores, Gambia, Guinee, Gabon, Ivory Coast, the Edo Province of Nigeria, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and individually the provinces of Kwango, Maniema, Bas Uele, Kwilu, and Equateur and Lebanon, Center for Energy ConservationIt also reports that more than 30 countries are expected to be signed before the end of February 2021 in line with its goal of partnering with more than one hundred countries by the end of 2021.

The cryptocurrency has also been backed up by international figures with International Statesman and Ten-Time World Chess Champion, Anatoly Karpov terming it as climate solution;

“Co2Bitcoin is a real, practical step to try and solve the problem of Global Warming which disturbs the whole world.”

The liquidity of the currency will be supported organically by the growing investor demand for cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the rising appetite for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) impact investing. The Co2Bitcoin currency, like any other, depends on its utility, and of course supply and demand, to determine its exchange rate.

Co2Bit is also the first cryptocurrency that has the formal support of many nations. With the government being the main token holders, it will be more secure. Its objective of protecting the planet through the financing of projects aimed at reducing the impacts of global warming in the near term and long term offers a very promising message for public and institutional funds where the Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) vision is becoming important.

While the price of carbon credit certificates has been steadily increasing over the past 4 years, the market remains a specialist market making it inaccessible to private investors. With the many polluting actors that are obliged (legally, or more often by market forces) to offset their carbon footprint, Co2Bitcoin could become a new financial instrument used by companies as a voluntary carbon credit. It can be mentioned in the environmental annual reports of companies to raise their ESG rating. This will ultimately result in this currency being used more and more, increasing its liquidity and utility. For speculators, this natural demand could have a positive impact on the appreciation of the price of Co2Bitcoin.

Co2Bit cryptocurrency when injected into climate mitigation project financing, would facilitate technological innovations in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power stations, new technologies for making steel and plastics, advancing agricultural yields, and other projects impacting deforestation and reforestation globally.

Given that private and institutional players in cryptocurrencies are multiplying across the entire asset class, Co2Bit currency will also benefit from strong overlapping trends. On the Ethereum blockchain and in its Smart Contract, one (1) Co2Bitcoin has a value of 1/13th an ETH. Based on a January 25, 2021 price of USD 1404 per ETH, this would result in a price of USD 108 per Co2Bitcoin.

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CO2Bit Tech and Madagascar Join Hands to address the Climate Change
associated with declining CO2 Sequestration

M. Alexandre GEORGET – Madagascar

CO2Bit Tech and Madagascar Join Hands to address the Climate Change
associated with declining CO2 Sequestration

January 16th, 2020 – CO2Bit Tech is an international dispersed group of technologists and philanthropists
undertaking the creation and support of CO2Bit coin, a Network-Based Digital Asset created as a mechanism to finance and promote the proliferation of sustainable carbon-neutral energy generation projects and assets to enable evolving participation in our global economy for all.

The Joint Venture shall be formed for the purpose of utilizing CO2Bit coins as part of a finance mechanism within Madagascar for the sole purpose of addressing Climate Change associated with declining CO2 Sequestration within Madagascar through the increased implementation of Agricultural
Efficiencies, reducing the cutting and clearing of tree stands, Regulations
and Economic Incentives for significantly reducing Commercial Deforestation, and increasing the implementation of Solar Energy Grids to reduce the use of all CO2 emitting fuels.

Madagascar is committed to addressing Climate Change associated with declining CO2 Sequestration through the increased implementation of Agricultural Efficiencies, reducing the cutting and clearing of tree stands, Regulations, and Economic Incentives for significantly reducing Commercial Deforestation, and increasing implementation of Solar Energy Grids to reduce the use of all CO2 emitting fuels, within their purview.

“In order to promote the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere we need to
continue to incentivize the appropriate climate behavior in all areas of the world. Every molecule of CO2 that is generated into our atmosphere matters and we need to make sure that we continue to provide the proper incentives to actors around the world. These inducements must be able to rise above local, national, and even international politics in order to continue effectiveness. To do this we are looking to leverage the innate abilities and powers contained in blockchain technology.” said Ron Wilkins, Chairman.

As of this writing, CO2 Bitcoins cost 60 coins per Ethereum or ~2 Euro per coin through the CO2 Bitcoin contract. “By creating a global currency whose focus is on the reduction of these harmful gasses in our atmosphere we will be able to attack the problem on multiple levels and ultimately provide the financial support that we need globally to make a difference,” said Paul Opera, Chief Technologist.

As a participant in the Co2 Bitcoin currency ecosystem, by using the currency as a tool, CO2 Bitcoin holders
will be able to participate in the world market to find ways to reduce the CO2 levels together. The coins
generated in turn will be used for continued progression in new initiatives as well as to help the target initiatives promote their construction.


Co2Bit Technologies Signs 5 Provincial Agreements to use the currency to Finance                                                                                          Climate Mitigation Projects throughout Congo


Co2Bit Technologies and Gabon sign an agreement to utilize Co2Bit currency.

Co2Bit Technologies and Liberia sign an agreement to utilize Co2Bit currency. 


Co2Bit Technologies and Guinee sign an agreement to utilize Co2Bit currency. 

Mr. Seydou Bari SIDIBE – Guinea Conakry



NPP CO2Energy Georgia Press-Release

New Power Partners Using CO2bit Coins to Develop 200MW solar project in Georgia
CO2bit coins being used to bolster investment here in solar projects

San Jose, CA, June 29, 2018 New Power Partners, LLC (“NPP”) previously acquired 2 Million CO2bit coins from CO2Energy Org.and are now using that currency for the development of 200MW of solar power production assets in the Eurasian country of Georgia.

“We are excited about CO2bit coin’s ability to open up new vistas for the funding of renewable energy projects,” said Michael Lamb, CEO of New Power Partners. “This crypto-currency based finance vehicle offers leverage in an environment where we are seeing the contraction of incentives for renewable power projects. With this acquisition, we will be able to participate in building and initializing 200MW of new solar power projects.”

“CO2Energy is excited to work with New Power Partners to deploy the CO2bit coin to enhance the value proposition for investment in renewable energy” stated Ron Wilkins, Chairman of CO2EnergyOrg. “This is a great opportunity for us to leverage the value of the CO2bit coin as we work to deliver on our mission to create positive global climate impact. We look forward to a strong partnership with a seasoned group of renewable energy investment professionals.”

CO2Energy anticipates this is the first of many renewable projects that will gain financial inefficiencies and increase investor potential by using the CO2Bit coin. Other renewable and carbon credit projects currently in the qualification process to use the CO2Bit token are in the areas of Solar, Wind, Hydro, and REDD+. Candidate projects can be submitted to

New Power Partners, with deep expertise in solar power, was founded in 2012 and focuses on the renewable energy sector with an investment focus on truly renewable energy and carbon reduction. NPP works to enhance the return of funds to its clients and finance partners, as well as developers and independent power producer partners, especially in a time where tax reform and looming tariffs threaten the returns for renewable power. NPP identifies and brings monetary value to the capital funding chain through both traditional and alternative finance vehicles.
For more updates visit this site promotes the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere by incentivizing through numerous campaigns on social media the appropriate climate behaviour in all areas of the world. Every molecule of CO2 that is generated into our atmosphere matters and we need to make sure that we continue to provide the proper incentives to actors around the world. These inducements must be able to rise above local, national, and even international politics in order to continue effectiveness. To do this we leverage the innate abilities and powers contained in blockchain technology-based CO2Bit coin.

The Best Came Last – The People’s Solution To Climate Change Finance!

After three non-stop days of Climate Conferences – from The Climate Train which ran from the 7th to the 15th of December 2017 at Gare de l’Est – Platform 30, Paris, France« Le Train du Climat » is a traveling exhibition on climate change issues and solutions. The Climate Train has on board the scientists of the group “The Messengers of the Climate” to meet the public and guide the visitors throughout the exhibition.

Through Climate Finance Day on Dec 11th with a who’s who from Banks, Funds, and Ministries with remarks by Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for the Economy and Finance, Per Bolund, Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Ma Jun, Special Advisor to the Governor, People’s Bank of China (PBoC) & Chairman, Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking, Lionel Zinsou, Chairman, African Investors Network for Climate, and a last-minute surprise from Businessman and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg. The United States president’s decision to quit the Paris Agreement appeared to have a galvanizing effect on the climate movement. Mr. Bloomberg said, “I think we owe President Trump a bit of gratitude for helping us meet our climate goals.”

To the Summit, we’re two years to the day after the historic Paris Agreement On 12 December 2017, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, brought together banks, sovereign wealth funds, philanthropists and NGOs with dozens of world leaders from 50 countries. Their mission: Find the necessary public and private investments to bridge the gap between current commitments and what is needed to stay below a 2-degrees temperature rise and avoid catastrophic climate change.

Actors Sean Penn and Marion Cotillard sat alongside billionaire philanthropists Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Scandinavian prime ministers milled about while Macron spoke of the need to unite as many public and private sector players as possible, “because it’s not one person in one country who changes things.”He might have been talking about himself, or Donald Trump.

Throughout the many speeches, panels, interviews, and hallway conversations the focus was finance, and the theme was acceleration, because while there was lots of progress in France, and Scandinavia, less in Iraq, Mali, and Mexico, or the United Kingdom and SpainAfrica, China and Japan. Outside of Mexico and Brazil, there was not much from the Americas (North or South) except The Charter of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Coalition which was signed by the following: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Turks and Caicos Islands, and interestingly, the US Virgin Islands. Notably quiet were Russia, India, and the rest of the Pac Rim including Australia and New Zealand.

It was clear that there are many significant challenges ahead. As of yet, there’s no solution to broaden international cooperation on monetary policy or to reduce the substantial project barriers like exchange rates and tariffs that inhibit renewable energy projects, there much consternation over Green definitions or even an agreed CO2 price.

The last event I attended was Wednesday evening at 7 pm. T was rainy, cold, I was exhausted and almost didn’t go. But I was intrigued personally as well as professionally since alt-currencies as part of the Project Finance Stack had not been talked about. Not even as part of the need for private/public partnerships had the emerging power of blockchain or crypto-currencies been so much as whispered about into a microphone.

The event wasn’t at any of the usual conference facilities but a posh upscale hotel, Salon Hoche, not far from the Arc D’Triumph. Champaign and hors-d’oeuvres were plentiful as the speakers and panelists mingled with the attendees gathering their questions and hopes for the evening.

The three main panelists alternated from English to French and back to English again in stride catering to the mixed and mostly bilingual audience. They represented three companies all using a new Co2Bit coin to enable Redd+ and renewable energy projects. After a brief tutorial on Distributed Digital Ledgers and the numerous efforts by Central banks developing their own Ronald J. Wilkins, Chairman of described the Co2Bitcoin’s role in helping complete the finance stack for projects similar to assisting with the down payment on a real estate loan. He then went on to point out the deficiencies of the financial systems we’ve been building since the 1970s. These were never architected for valuing global stewardship. They included:

Quantifying and Rewarding Environmentally Sustainable Behavior– saving the planet activities – motivating more responsible choices.

Helping People Up Front vs. Later –Participation in Global Economy – advancing their standard of living – with natural progression as they can afford, but with the acceleration that the access to Sustainable Energy provides.

Valuing the Protection of One’s Privacy – Not every transaction in our lives needs to be scrutinized, categorized, or judged much less used by marketers wanting to manipulate us.

BocarYatassaye Director of Operations for Gloxde spoke about numerous projects in Africa and the role of the coin in jump-starting many financially stalled projects.

Michael Lamb, co-founder of New Power Partners reiterated the same explaining how the coin filled a critical gap in the financing stack for his solar projects globally whether they were electrifying small villages in India or Corporate Micro-Grids in the U.S. where many citizens may not share the same sentiments as their President.

Their collective point was that people vote with their spending. If we all bought more art, there would be more artists, more luxury electric cars and there would be more luxury electric car makers. But that we are more likely to buy our own necessities and fulfill our own desires before we buy solar panels for a small remote village allowing them to participate in the global economy. Their point was that by purchasing that car for your child using the Co2Bitcoin, you may be helping ensure he has a dry road to drive it on in the future.


Amazon Brazil Press release GOD REDD project

Global Oxygen Development Corp. to maintain the safety of 100s of hectares of forests using Co2Bit. 

The acquisition by Global Oxygen of the Co2BitCoins will enable Global Oxygen to expand its efforts to continue to source projects focused on the sequestration of CO2 from our atmosphere and increase its carbon credit inventory.  William Drury, President of Global Oxygen states that “this deal will give Global Oxygen to expand and renew its initiative to build our carbon credit stockpile and work with governments around the world to help compensate the responsible ecological actions of the international community. Enrico Devito, Managing Director of World Broker Ltd., promoters of the Co2BitCoin, commented, “This relationship is a significant first step for us in our efforts to promote responsible environmental stewardship around the globe.”  He continued to state that “We are excited to work with such a responsible environmental actor as Global Oxygen as we move forward in executing the mission of the launch of the Co2BitCoin currency.”

Co2Bit Coin is a Secure Network Based Digital Asset created as a mechanism to finance and promote the proliferation of sustainable carbon-neutral energy generation assets to enable evolving participation in our global economy for all.

By purchasing and using this currency you help to finance the reduction of our global carbon footprint, provide incentives in lieu of or in addition to those being offered by local governments.  In addition to lowering the world’s carbon footprint, the use of the coin also helps to bring sustainable power to disadvantaged people globally, including in the most remote areas of the world. Projects also include the implementation of micro-grids to insulate communities, companies, and dwellings from broad unplanned power outages and provide power to underserved regions.

Global Oxygen was formed primarily to source REDD+ Projects, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, as well as conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks all over the world to commercialize the benefits generated (Emission Reductions and Sustainable Production) by such projects. Global Oxygen, together with its partners is one of the few players in the forest carbon marketplace that offers services in relation to every aspect of conservation, sustainable resource use, and agroforestry solutions, from identifying, sourcing, and implementing forest conservation and sustainable activities to the trading of benefits and overseeing the consulting work and running of appropriate forest carbon investment schemes to create profits and benefits.

Global Oxygen’s business is based on three complementary activities: the origination, implementation, and commercialization of the emission reductions, resource conservation, and sustainability activities. Global Oxygen uses its expertise to guide REDD+ Projects through the complex and continuously evolving regulatory process to the point where verified activities can generate benefits.  Global Oxygen then commercializes the resultant benefits to derive financial benefit from the sale of those activities. Global Oxygen’s activities are concentrated in select areas of Africa and South America.

For additional Information Contact; Bocar Yatassaye, Global Oxygen  or Manager@localhost/co2bitold


Co2 Energy Ltd. CO2Bit Vision (click to view)


Excerpted from a Forbes article by Jeff McMahon, Contributor / Feb 25, 2018

“Microgrid is kind of a hot new word. We’re going to marry it up with another hot new word: blockchain. And so what we’re now seeing is I think really a revolutionary change in the organization of consumers,” according to Ed Krappels, the founder and CEO of Boston-based Anbaric Development Partners.

Microgrids allow energy producers and consumers—and the “prosumers” who do both—to set up discrete electrical systems that can function independently of the larger grid. Blockchain allows them to engage in real-time automated exchanges with each other, buying and selling power throughout the day and night as supply and demand fluctuate.

By using blockchain, sellers get paid immediately, without a utility serving as an intermediary, without the delays and restrictions incurred now by prosumers who sell power back to the grid.

“The same technology that allows Bitcoin to do what it does, which is to amass an enormous number of participants outside of the banking system, is beginning to be applied in the electric system,” Krapels said. “So there are now small-scale blockchain energy systems, that once those become more widely used I think really represent a different form of organization for electric power than we’ve ever seen before.”

This form of organization is happening now, as the MIT Technology Review reported late last year. LO3 Energy operates a neighborhood microgrid in Brooklyn, for example, that promotes renewable energy and uses a blockchain ledger. The non-profit Energy Web Foundation is working on open-source technology infrastructure for blockchain energy transactions worldwide.  CO2 Energy has launched a Blockchain driven Crypto-Currency contract from CO2Bit that can provide relief from currency exchange issues across the array of renewable energy projects.